Our Books

Sam and Eric have co-authored 3 self-improvement books on FOCUSING  - an approach that they passionately share with their clients to help make a difference.  Focusing is a holistic method of deep emotional change by delving into emotions at the mental and bodily levels.  These books are available on Blurb, Amazon and Book Depository.

naturally joyful cover2.png

Sam and Eric have been long-time students of Eugene Gendlin's FOCUSING.  They have restructured it into a 4-part process that almost everyone can use to help transform their emotions.  This is a no-nonsense, step-by-step book on how to apply the 4-part process.  This book can be purchased by following the links below.

Dying to connect book cover.png

This book provides a different perspective on social anxiety and a system on how to transform it.  Many of ideas on this book is based on the 4-part Focusing process that Sam and Eric have structured.  This book can be purchased by following the links below.


Many of Sam and Eric's clients often remark that they wished that they have learned Focusing as a child in school.  This inspired them to write this children's book on the 4-part Focusing.  This is a fun book, full of pictures drawn by Sam and Eric that parents and educators can use to help children explore and transform their emotions.  The book can be purchased by following the link below.