Clinical Supervision

Photo by amenic181/iStock / Getty Images

Supervision is a time and place set aside for us to pause and reflect on our practice.  It takes us away from the hustle and bustle of our day and challenges us to be be mindful of ourselves as we deliver services to our clients.  It is a process of getting to know ourselves as therapists – our intentions, our actions and our clients’ reactions to our actions and ultimately to develop a benevolent inner voice (self supervisor) that guides us as we help our clients.

Sam is a Board-approved, STAP-trained clinical psychologist in private practice.  He is located in the Brisbane CBD and is keen to offer supervision.   

Sam is keen to provide supervision for:

  • Peer supervision
  • Registrar program  for clinical psychology endorsement

He is especially keen in supervising early-career psychologists.

Sam’s areas of interest for supervision (and clinically) include:

  • The process of delivering psychotherapy
  • Process-oriented / experiential therapies (e.g., Emotion-Focused Therapy, Focusing-Oriented Therapy, Psychodynamically-Informed Therapy, Existential Therapy)
  • LGBTIQ-related issues
  • Issues relating to childhood difficulties or family-of-origin difficulties
  • Attachment issues