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We Secretly Always Want To Feel "Good" And That Keeps Us Feeling "Bad"

“Your strategy for living in the present would go a lot better when you accept how frequently the present sucks.” Daron Larson

I seem to have fallen into some kind of trap – the trap of writing about Mindfulness. Quite frankly, I’m sick of the word because it’s so overused and over-hyped and over-everything these days. Everyone knows about it and talk about it, and only a handful actually practice it at all. Which makes it a common pattern among trends.

And yet, I came across this Ted Talk by Daron Larson that gives a rather refreshing spin on Mindfulness that is so different from that which is bandied around popularly. He talks about how trying to BE mindful is itself a trap – leading us away from the true spirit of the practice. This is because if there’s mindfulness, that entails the opposite state – mindlessness is there to be avoided.

Real mindfulness (without the capital “M”) is about opening and allowing things to be just as they are, without making any preferences to be different. An extremely difficult thing to carry out in real life (but of course, easy to philosophize about).

De-Cluttering The Mind - A Korean Experiment

Here's something interesting and creative. South Koreans have taken to entering prison-like retreat settings and putting themselves through solitary confinement, in order to de-stress, and for some, find themselves.

It puts me in mind of some asian traditions where people go into a retreat to literally face the wall - "bi guan" (闭关 or 壁观) without the distractions of modern life and technology.

More on mindfulness and the true spirit of mindfulness:

"It may look like we are doing nothing when we sit....but actually we are exposing ourselves to ourselves." Brad Warner, (Zen Wrapped in Karma Dipped In Chocolate)

A lot people believe, including those who offer the scientific/ program-based mindfulness training, that mindfulness involves being able to create space away from our thoughts, sensations and emotions while staying tuned to the present moment. And that's about it, end of story.