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Letting Go Of The Past

“You need to let go!”

“If I hear those bloody words again, I’ll explode!” Jeremy exclaimed, the vein in his neck sticking out dangerously. He didn’t need people to tell him that. He already knew that he truly wanted to let go of the past and like many people, he knew the words – “just let go”.

But he really didn’t know how to. Or at least, his mind and body seemed to grasp onto the very thing he was supposed to let go of - those incessant memories of what had happened to him.

“Here I am going happily on way, doing my stuff and then boom!” He gesticulated dramatically, “those thoughts – ‘I wish she were dead’ and those bloody images of that night just hits me square in the face! I swear it’s an ambush!”

Seeing his friend open his mouth to reply, Jeremy raised a hand to forestall him. He knew what Jake was going to say. That he must have been stewing over the incident – his friend’s reasonable tone and the stretched patience pulled across his face implying that he, Jeremy, were dwelling on the past deliberately. Which was bloody unfair.