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On "Adulting", Deep Anxiety and Self

Ooooh, I've been dying to write about this. Not least because at least 5 of my clients this week have been talking about precisely this topic. Or to be more precise, here's some of the things (edited for confidentiality of course) which they said:

"I feel like I'm not grown up at all."

"How can other people bear it, to have to do all the grown up things while they feel unprepared? Or am I the only one who feels unprepared?"

"I feel ashamed to have to ask for help. It's not an adult thing to ask for help. There's this expectation to be able to handle things, because you know, that's what being an adult is supposed to be."

"I hate this...this having to BE adult! Where did that kind of pressure come from!?"

"They tell me that I act like a child."