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The Busy One Inside

“How have you been?” my client asked me as I closed the door and took my seat, iPAD in hand. 

“I’m a little sick,” I replied and shrugged my shoulders, preparing to focus on my clients and their experiences.

“Sam,” he said, “you’re always sick when I see you and I have been seeing you for 2 years!”

“I know right!” I quipped.

I have been sick on and off – at least once a month for the past 2 years. And this has had me wondering what was going on? Was I ageing before my time? Was it stress?

“You’re working yourself to the bone,” another client said poignantly, echoing my parents. She was of course right. Astutely so. I have, in the last few years worked progressively harder, extending my hours, seeing more clients, pushing my limits and complaining all this time that “I’m exhausted!”

“Perhaps you should see less clients (not me though)?” suggested another client. “Then you will have more time to rest and relax and vege out!”

“I know!” I said, and started to fantasize about the weekends of waking up late and doing nothing much in particular. Perhaps I would roll around on the floor and stare at the ceiling! Yet, when weekend does swing around, I would often find it really quite difficult to sit still and vege out. My weekends are filled with (no prizes for guessing) more work activities or chores.