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The Danger Of Quick Fixes

I happen to be born in an era where the latter half of my life was marked by a tidal wave of dizzyingly fast technological changes happening worldwide. I felt that I was a lot less anxious growing up until my teens only to become progressively more flustered subsequently.

The anxiety was a dreaded sense of not doing quite enough and never quite getting there yet, wherever “there” might be (See my post on The Busy One Inside). There was always something to catch up with and if I stopped, I felt that I would slide back down the river of progression and never catch up again.

Part of these rapid anxiety-provoking developments means too that the whole attitude towards how we approach problems have changed. We come to expect collectively quick fixes and magical elixirs to our problems. The urge for quick fixes have also invaded the sphere of emotional health.

Some of these quick-hurried-miracle cures seem to work (for the moment) so we start to apply them to all our emotional struggles with great hope. The sad thing is that most often and ultimately do NOT work.

It’s like expecting a band-aid to be able to fix a broken leg.

Subtle Messages We Give Each Other: The Royal Road To Deep Connection

Julie spoke, as she usually does - hesitantly and haltingly about what has been going on for her. It was, truth be told, not very interesting. Our work together has been really slow because even exploring her day-to-day trivia was all she could tolerate.

Several months into our work together, I started to notice a rather disturbing pattern - I usually saw her after lunch and several times now, I would find myself nodding off as she spoke. This was unprofessional and embarrassing!

In our latest session, this happened again. I had once considered the sleepiness to be post-lunch fatigue, but this time round, I was pretty certain that it was something else. I tried my best to keep awake - I pinched myself, chided myself and coached myself to focus on Julie and her needs. Yet, the harder I struggled against the lull, the sleepier I got!