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On Losing A Sense Of Ourselves

More and more, I've come to realize that a lot of emotional problems (we can call them our hedgehogs) such as:

1) being easily stressed out, 
2) struggles with relating to people assertively and confidently, 
3) anger, 
4) and even some physical issues with no medical causes (such as IBS, sleep problems, fatigue, headaches, etc.);

have at their soft underbelly a quiet core of anxiety. This is not your dramatic panic attacks or even your conscious worrying.

Instead, this is really an overall sense of...unquiet.

It can feel like being restless, or always on edge, or having the engine always running, or even just a general discomfort in your own skin.

If we look even deeper into the core of this type of deep anxiety, we can often find another subtler sense. The best way I know how to describe it (thanks to one of my very creative clients), is to call it a "Loss of a sense of self" or "Losing Myself" for short.

On Hedgehogs and Prickly Emotions

I like hedgehogs, but they can be prickly creatures to handle. Heaps better than a porcupine but still hard to hold in your hands.

I feel that the hedgehog is a good mascot for some of our pricklier emotions. Anxiety, anger, "over-sensitivity", resentment, jealousy, rage, shame, guilt and so on.

The ones that are hard to handle and feel very uncomfortable in our bodies.

The ones we sometimes feel scared to be having.

And yet, like the gentle and timid hedgehog, these fearsome emotions of ours often have a soft-underbelly. Granted that it's hard to get to this underbelly of the hedgehog (and our emotions too), it's still important to recognize that there are deeper and softer and more vulnerable aspects of our fearsome emotions.