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Our Books

We have written 3 books based on FOCUSING - our preferred way of helping clients make sense of their emotions and internal experiences.  These books are available on our author's website.


Here are some articles on emotional health topics.  Some of these are written by Sam and Eric and some of these are articles that inspire them from other sources.

Eric is also a contributor for QNEWS and the popular Tiny Buddha Blog site.

Please free to download them, take a look at them and spread them around.  Happy reading!

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We are also keen amateur doodlers and have used our doodling in our therapy to help clients understand abstract psychological concepts.  We have also developed several handouts on psychology topics across the years as we worked with our clients, gave presentations and ran workshops.

Click on the button below to access some of our artwork and handouts.


We are very happy to announce that our dear friend Dr Shawn Ee has set up his own private practice in Singapore. Shawn is one of the few trained psychoanalytic psychotherapists in Singapore. He is also a prolific writer and blogger on mental health issues. Please visit his practice page -