About Dr Eric Tan


Issues Eric Can Help You With

  • Anxiety (general anxiety, panic attacks and panic disorder, phobias, trauma, social anxiety, OCD)

  • Stress management

  • Anger management

  • Grief

  • Depression

  • Bipolar disorder

  • Borderline personality disorder

  • Coping with chronic health issues (such as IBS, HIV)

  • People struggling with cultural adaptation, homesickness

LGBTIQ concerns including:

  • coming out

  • bullying

  • coping with the trauma of conversion therapy

  • identity conflicts

  • gender dysphoria – support and assessment for HRT and SRS, etc.

  • Eric does provide reports to assess for gender dysphoria and to support Hormone Replacement Therapy and Sexual Re-assignment Surgery/ Procedures.

Eric also supports people without a diagnosis, including people who:

  • Suffer from chronic low-key anxiety

  • Struggle with low self-esteem

  • Feel that something is missing in their lives

  • Have struggles that stem from childhood experiences (known as attachment issues)

  • Question their sense of self

  • Struggle with anger issues

  • Feel uncomfortable in their own skins

  • Struggle relating with people (conflicts, social awkwardness, stuck communication patterns).

More About Eric

Eric is a Clinical Psychologist with special interests in:

  1. How emotions work and methods to transform emotions deeply and quickly

  2. Supporting adults from the LGBTQ community

  3. Supporting clients with psychological issues stemming from complex family-of-origin and childhood experiences.

Eric’s approach is warm, open, and humorous.  He works respectfully with his clients to help them understand their stuck emotional patterns and their way of being with both people and life events. He guides them to develop life-skills to change these patterns so that they could live fully, more fulfilled lives.

Eric completed his Doctoral degree in clinical psychology with research focused on psychological factors affecting Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and the mind-body connection.  Eric has worked as a mental health clinician for 13 years in not-for-profit, correctional, hospital and private practice settings.

Eric's thoughts about how he approaches therapy:

“I am a firm believer in providing the right kind of space and therapy relationship for clients so that their stuck patterns of feelings and thoughts have room to be explored, expanded and changed.  I do this in a very conversational style.  This is the heart of how I approach my client. 

To enhance this exploration and change process for my clients, I do two things:

  1. I often guide clients to pay attention inwards to their feelings in a specific way (called Focusing or Mindfulness++).

  2. I also place special emphasis on the therapy relationship with clients - where I strive to be as transparent as possible about what is going on between the client and myself.”





Evidence-Based Therapeutic Approaches


Eric's Practice Locations

English and Mandarin Chinese

Doctor of Psychology (Clinical Psychology)

Bachelor of Social Science (2nd Upper Class Honours) in Psychology

Focusing-Oriented Therapy

Emotion-Focused Therapies

Psychodynamically-Informed Therapy

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

Solution-Focused Therapy

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT)

Centre for Human Potential (www.cfhp.com.au) in the Brisbane CBD

Eric would also be practising at New View Psychology (www.newviewpsychology.com.au) in Ashgrove starting mid November 2018